The more accurate atomic clock in the world

Did you know that every day that passes, a clock loses or WINS less than one second?, didn’t he have very clear, but according to a study, indicate that the more accurate the world clock is located in the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in England, it was discovered that the clock loses or WINS less than a second at 138 million years being England one of the few countries that provides the “standard second” which keeps the world with the suitable time.

El reloj atomico mas exacto del mundo

They indicate that the clock consists of a source of caesium and every movement of the second hand measured or is the frequency of radiation emitted by caesium atoms as they pass between two particular States, each of the second hand movements occur thanks to the delivery of the measurement of energy required to change the spin of the atoms of this element, according to the definition, is given a second when occur 9.192.631.770 of these oscillations.

The caesium atoms are within the clock in lots of 100 million approximately, they must pass through a cavity and are exposed to electromagnetic waves. The color of the waves is adjusted to change the spin, thus known waves are at the correct frequency thus define the second.
The clock has an atomic clock, is why that other clocks can compare with him, so be sure that everyone with the same hour, in the event of an error, corrections for the official world time are made by the International Bureau of weights and measures in Paris, this meets the definitions of seconds for the 6 main standard clocks, these are: the English CsF2, two in France, one in Japan, one United States and another in Germany.
Despite all this, achieving measured the second exactly according to the given definitions, it is impossible, because cannot be achieved perfect conditions, but yes, perturbations to correct them in the final result can be measured. Then, in what work all makers of clocks in the world is to improve the accuracy of these.

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