Announce the YouTube-Disney partnership to produce new animated series

YouTube and Disney have planned for this Tuesday to publicize the society formed to produce and disseminate new series of cartoons of the House of mouse Mickey Mouse best known and most wanted. The costs of the agreement reached on set between us $10 million and $15 million, data that unveiled New York Time, this investment can see reflected in a series of short films which will be distributed through a channel of YouTube and

The completion of the series will be broadcast over the internet, will be in charge of Disney, the first series from all have based his best-known game/application of the rate puzzle mobile “Whrere’s my water”. It is intended to reach a total of eight original series to be braced the presence of the amateur material up to the videos page which is owned by Google.

“As soon as was asked statements to President of Disney Interactive, James a. Pitaro, co on society, recognized and stated the following:” it is imperative to go where our audience is “, while he added saying that they have as goal to bring the legacy Disney storytelling to a new generation of families and fans of Disney on the platforms they prefer”.

With all this we can see that Disney seeks to constantly update and be increasingly close to his audience, because this society is not the first, it does not much that renewed an agreement with Netflix signed a new deal with Amazon, this form seeks to increase its presence on the internet.
What Disney did not speak is the scope which it achieved in its agreement, therefore we do not know if these channels and their unreleased material will actually see out United States, but we are not losing hope that things will work.

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