Mozilla responds to complaints from users by many new versions

It is possible that many companies that work using the Mozilla browser are undergoing abrupt changes this by constant updates every six weeks by Mozilla, we know that a positive news is about updates, others with this, the company is doing what he promised a few months ago, but these changes mainly affect developers.

Every time you see a new version of Firefox, people who use it should check and verify the compatibility with the extensions, see that mistakes do not occur in the codes, if so must repair it and update it and this really does mean time and losses sometimes.
For all this the Mozilla Mitchell Baker representative advocating constant updates gave as argument that we need to adapt to the rapid progress of the same network, and indicated that: there is work to be done to make frequent updates more comfortable and useful to our user base. [...] If we want the browser to be the internet interface, we have to make it more like the internet. This means delivering the news just when they are ready. That means a process of frequent releases. If we do something like this, the browser becomes a factor that limits what the network is capable of doing.
But there would be complaints for these updates to adopt what makes Chrome, a process of invisible updates, in which the user already has nothing to do, this kind of updates saves the work that the user has to find the support of old versions with the recent. What it should be improved are the General compatibility of all existing plugins, so that programmes like this work as expected.