June 04, 2004
Japan Adopts Juries

An interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor about the adoption of jury trials in Japan. This, along with drastic legal education reforms, may radically change Japan in unforeseen ways. Very very interesting... :)

May 26, 2004
Free Software Undermining US Industry

Microsoft has done some anti-competitive things in the past, and the DOJ has fought them. But are we really so stupid as to think that Microsoft isn't a huge, nay, massively humongous benefit to the U.S. economy?

Apparently, slashdotters and others in the open source community don't see the fact that MS brings in a ridiculous amount of money to the U.S., employs hundreds if not thousands of developers (many of whom have become wealthy) and establishes numerous charitable programs, trusts, scholarships, and on and on.

Some Asian countries have begun to adopt open source software as an alternative to MS. What does this mean? Very simply, it means that a bunch of mostly American coders have written and given away free software that enables some of the biggest economies of the world to stop sending money to MS, and thereby stop sending money to the U.S. These guys have, in my opinion, undermined a major source of revenue for our country, and a major center for U.S. dominance of the software industry.

Needless to say, I find this stupid and upsetting. Next, why don't we also give away all our dominance in secondary education? Oh, I forgot, we're already doing that. Maybe we could give away free drugs to everyone, undermining our drug industry too, and free processor designs, so Intel and AMD employees could spend more time with their families rather than working all day... Sounds great.

Ok, I know tons of people will disagree with me. That's fine. I disagree with them. You know, when you look at the people who espouse free software, they are either in a position to benefit from it (by getting something for free, or by promoting an unknown product), in academia, or in a service or consulting position, usually. Why? Because they don't have to or want to make money from software. But what about the people who do want to make money from software? What about that industry in our country?

May 01, 2004
Civil Procedure

I've got my civil procedure test Monday night. Yesterday I went to BarBri to watch their 7 hour review video. It was a good way to keep myself engaged and get through all the material. For those of you that don't know, civil procedure is just all about the procedural rules of federal courts, with a bit about the states, although they're all different...

Lots and lots of rules to go over..... only one more after that, which is Criminal Law on Thursday. Then I'm actually done with my first year... So close, yet so far away.

April 27, 2004
Contracts & Torts

Welp, I'm afraid I botched my contracts test. I'll have to try to really do well on my others to compensate, but these things are notoriously tough to predict anyway, so maybe I did fine after all...

I have Torts tomorrow. I'm burned out. I have to finish going through my cases still -- maybe 20-30 to go out of over 100. I have a lot of good ideas, but I have to get them down. We're only allowed 3 sheets of paper. I have to get them done sometime tonight.

I can't wait until this is over. Just a couple more weeks.

I've disabled comments again because of the human scum spammers. I'll turn 'em back on after movabletype 3.0 comes out.

April 18, 2004
Exam Time.

Well, it's time.

I have my final persuasive memo due tomorrow night, and my first exam on Friday. My last classes are tomorrow, and just a few review sessions between then and Friday's exam, which happens to be Contracts.

I have about 4 days to study for each, except for the last one, Criminal Law, for which I only have 2 days. Criminal Law is almost all "black letter" with this professor, and there's just not that much difficult material in general as compared to Contracts or Torts, etc., so I should be ok.

Wow. I'm going to be in shock for quite a while, simply because I can't believe a whole year of school has come and gone. I just have to prevent myself from thinking about anything other than law for the next few weeks, and make sure I keep up the intensity.

As an aside, I've been elected as the president of our IP Law Society here at George Mason. I have grand designs for our group, so it should be fun. :) I hear Larry Lessig is going to stop by our school next year, so we'll have to get together and argue... hehe.

April 05, 2004

Slept 3 hours, got up at 7:15, came to school and read at Starbucks for 1.5hrs. I have to get at least 6hrs sleep from now on, cause that last 3hrs I'm really not getting enough done. I am ready for class today though...

April 04, 2004
Case Tables, Practice Exams...

I have 2 weeks of school left before exams. Tonight my friend and I did a mini-practice test provided by our contracts professor, taking 2 hours rather than 1 because we're not yet up on everything. Writing his exams requires profuse citations to the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, the UCC, and cases.

I identified most of the issues, invented a few good ones out of almost thin air, and generally figured out that I have the right basis, but need to study a lot more, which is what I had thought anyway. It reminded me of the exam last semester, which is good... But unfortunately, I didn't have enough to say about a few of the questions. I have to figure that out....

I have birthdays and Easter and student group meetings coming up these 2 weeks too. Crazy. I'm going to sleep less and less. Maybe if I'm hard core, I can get all my studying and preparation done this week, and actually be well-prepared when the time comes...

April 01, 2004

I had to skip class yesterday to rewrite my memo for my moot court application. We have hundreds of pages of reading this week, and I'm behind now, but I have to just skim because I need to get my stuff together for exams.

Only two more weeks of class, then exams, and there's no reading period this time around. Tonight I have to do a set of interrogatories for 10am tomorrow. This weekend and next weekend are my last chances to get a ton of studying done before exams.

I have close to 100 cases I need to know for contracts, and probably more for Torts. I have about 80 Restatement and UCC sections I need to know for contracts, and probably the same number of rules and statutes for civil procedure. Criminal is all black letter, but I need to know the Model Penal Code, and there are only probably about 20 cases or so I need to know for civil procedure.

I have to outline everything, list all the cases and rules, and start covering them daily to get them into my head. I have to do this quickly so I have a couple of weeks to digest and think about things. I probably won't be able to do what I envision, but I'll try... Most of the exams are open book and we can bring our own notes, but that doesn't help much when you're pressed for time. I will probably do 3 out of 4 exams on my laptop this time, so I hope it goes ok. Never tried it on computer before. Hopefully it'll be easier, since I type like a fiend.

March 18, 2004

Wow, I still have a blog. Ok, back to studying...