From skin cell scientists could save species in danger of extinction

In California, a group of scientists from the Scripps Research Institute conducted a study and develop the first stem cells from some animals on the basis of normal cells of the skin, in that way could improve and permit the reproduction of some complicated species, at the same time to strengthen the health of specimens in captivity and prevent its extinction.

Rinocerontes en extincion

This technique known as induced pluripotency, is described in the latest edition of the online magazine, Nature Methods, a method that builds on the cells of the skin of the species at risk. Some years ago was a collection of cell samples of skin and other materials, under the responsibility of the director of genetics of the Zoo Institute for Conservation of San Diego Oliver Ryder.

Thus managed to create Frozen Zoo, at that time did not exist to work them, but after studies in California, apparently now, its operation is through insertion of genes in normal cells, thereby detonating the transformation.

Scientists initiated the study by selecting two species, the first is a primate of name Drill – it was selected by their genetic similarity with humans and because while in captivity developed diabetes – the other species is a white rhinoceros in the North, this animal was chosen by his genetic distance with primates and for being one of the species involved in the world (indicate that worldwide there are only seven copies)
With the treatment of pluripotency, also it could improve the genetic diversity of animals, making them stronger and more resistant to their environment. What that Jeanne Loring Professor of evolutionary Meurobiología of Scripps Research says is: “the most important thing is to provide these stem as a resource for other people to take some of the next steps”
Let us hope that this technique is the most appropriate, thereby preventing the extinction of most species, who knows even species that have disappeared from DNA samples, could revive by can you imagine back to the dinosaurs?

Mozilla responds to complaints from users by many new versions

It is possible that many companies that work using the Mozilla browser are undergoing abrupt changes this by constant updates every six weeks by Mozilla, we know that a positive news is about updates, others with this, the company is doing what he promised a few months ago, but these changes mainly affect developers.

Every time you see a new version of Firefox, people who use it should check and verify the compatibility with the extensions, see that mistakes do not occur in the codes, if so must repair it and update it and this really does mean time and losses sometimes.
For all this the Mozilla Mitchell Baker representative advocating constant updates gave as argument that we need to adapt to the rapid progress of the same network, and indicated that: there is work to be done to make frequent updates more comfortable and useful to our user base. [...] If we want the browser to be the internet interface, we have to make it more like the internet. This means delivering the news just when they are ready. That means a process of frequent releases. If we do something like this, the browser becomes a factor that limits what the network is capable of doing.
But there would be complaints for these updates to adopt what makes Chrome, a process of invisible updates, in which the user already has nothing to do, this kind of updates saves the work that the user has to find the support of old versions with the recent. What it should be improved are the General compatibility of all existing plugins, so that programmes like this work as expected.

Announce the YouTube-Disney partnership to produce new animated series

YouTube and Disney have planned for this Tuesday to publicize the society formed to produce and disseminate new series of cartoons of the House of mouse Mickey Mouse best known and most wanted. The costs of the agreement reached on set between us $10 million and $15 million, data that unveiled New York Time, this investment can see reflected in a series of short films which will be distributed through a channel of YouTube and

The completion of the series will be broadcast over the internet, will be in charge of Disney, the first series from all have based his best-known game/application of the rate puzzle mobile “Whrere’s my water”. It is intended to reach a total of eight original series to be braced the presence of the amateur material up to the videos page which is owned by Google.

“As soon as was asked statements to President of Disney Interactive, James a. Pitaro, co on society, recognized and stated the following:” it is imperative to go where our audience is “, while he added saying that they have as goal to bring the legacy Disney storytelling to a new generation of families and fans of Disney on the platforms they prefer”.

With all this we can see that Disney seeks to constantly update and be increasingly close to his audience, because this society is not the first, it does not much that renewed an agreement with Netflix signed a new deal with Amazon, this form seeks to increase its presence on the internet.
What Disney did not speak is the scope which it achieved in its agreement, therefore we do not know if these channels and their unreleased material will actually see out United States, but we are not losing hope that things will work.

The more accurate atomic clock in the world

Did you know that every day that passes, a clock loses or WINS less than one second?, didn’t he have very clear, but according to a study, indicate that the more accurate the world clock is located in the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in England, it was discovered that the clock loses or WINS less than a second at 138 million years being England one of the few countries that provides the “standard second” which keeps the world with the suitable time.

El reloj atomico mas exacto del mundo

They indicate that the clock consists of a source of caesium and every movement of the second hand measured or is the frequency of radiation emitted by caesium atoms as they pass between two particular States, each of the second hand movements occur thanks to the delivery of the measurement of energy required to change the spin of the atoms of this element, according to the definition, is given a second when occur 9.192.631.770 of these oscillations.

The caesium atoms are within the clock in lots of 100 million approximately, they must pass through a cavity and are exposed to electromagnetic waves. The color of the waves is adjusted to change the spin, thus known waves are at the correct frequency thus define the second.
The clock has an atomic clock, is why that other clocks can compare with him, so be sure that everyone with the same hour, in the event of an error, corrections for the official world time are made by the International Bureau of weights and measures in Paris, this meets the definitions of seconds for the 6 main standard clocks, these are: the English CsF2, two in France, one in Japan, one United States and another in Germany.
Despite all this, achieving measured the second exactly according to the given definitions, it is impossible, because cannot be achieved perfect conditions, but yes, perturbations to correct them in the final result can be measured. Then, in what work all makers of clocks in the world is to improve the accuracy of these.

A bug are without internet service thousands of users of BlackBerry

Thousands of users began to fill complaints against BlackBerry Twitter, since approximately the 11: 00 hours were given a failure that left them without an internet connection to customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East. When in the morning today tried to use internet from their Smartphone the only answer they had was an electric error.

The macro server that centralizes the three areas of Internet access is located in Slough near London, which belongs to the Canadian company RIM who is responsible for the manufacture of terminals. Apparently many other users who belong to a different RIM company do not suffer these mismatches or drooping service.
Here we show the comments from some customers: “@ BlackBerryESP no twitter, no internet, no whatsapp, etc…”more than in, are ‘out’ those who have BlackBerry: ((“.)) Another threatened with a “I am going to ask for damages!”Damage to not seek information from my studies. “And psychological damage.”
Is important that the BlackBerry Spain company in the social network, @ BlackBerryESP recognize the problem, but that isn’t enough, would be better than facts like this are never repeated, they approached in this way customers: “We are working to solve the problem faced by our users in Europe”. “Some users in EMEA are experiencing problems.” “We are investigating and sorry of the inconvenience caused.”